Covid Outdoor Photography
July 2020

When the virus came on the world, none knew what a drastic effect Covid would have on everyone. I know some people that passed not because they had Covid, but they had no access to medical facilities they needed to treat themselves.

Music as it should be
March 2020

The influence music has on the artistic skills of a photographer.

Flower Shows
January 2020

Flower shows are just amazing when all the conditions are right, and you happen to have the right lenses. There is a specific time of the day when you can snap the flowers at their best; a few hours after they have been watered down...

Golf Courses
June 2019

I use to play golf; I love the open expanse and the leafy environment. I stopped playing many years ago when I could not get up my scores no matter what I did, but promised myself to come back. Now I'm back, just not with gold clubs but with a camera in hand and a camera bag...

Large Format Photography
February 2019

The beauty of large prints is they look amazing when taken with a large-format camera like the Sinar P range of cameras.

Water Ways
January 2019

I love shooting rivers and streams in outdoor photography, and there’s a lot involved and the technical skills needed is different when it comes to shooting moving water en-masse...

Infra-Red Photogrpahy
June 2018

I love infrared photography on the wall in large prints; it is a look into the invisible world. The human eye can see wavelengths from about 400nm-700nm (from purple to red); infrared is the light beyond 700nm; it involves near-infrared light in the 700nm to 1200nm range, which is different than thermal infrared, which images far into the infrared spectrum.