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April 2021: Sand Dunes, Dubai UAE

I will be visiting Dubai to photograph one of the unique outdoor places on this planet. Dubai Desert is even more beautiful at the time of sunset. When the sun is about to go down, the light starts to disappear, and within a few minutes, the sky is all dark. I usually go to sea view or beach mostly to watch the beauty of the dusk but have you ever watch the sunset at a desert? Sunset is a beautiful phenomenon of nature and photographing it at a desert adds more beauty to it. The desert experiences carry less pollution, so the sky is clear, and sunsets are more beautiful in the desert. The beautiful colours of the sky look so pleasant to the eyes. If the pandemic is over, I will be adding more fine art to the new addition section soon.

September 2021: Hawaii

I will be heading to Hawaii.  The incredible landscapes and rich biodiversity of the Hawaiian Islands make them one of the world's best destinations for outdoor photography. There's an astonishing range of environments to capture, from barren, Mars-like volcanic landscapes to idyllic beaches and even tropical rainforests. The islands' relatively compact size also means many different sites can be visited in a single day, and I will be visiting several islands on this single vacation. All depends on the pandemic being over; I look forward to the trip.  

Past Events

December 2019: Mexico

Mexico is a great place to photograph. It doesn’t quite have the small-town charm of a place like London, but it’s also not entirely on the other end of the spectrum. There are a few skyline views or crazy vistas. 

August 2019: Japan

I had the opportunity to take a workshop in Japan for one week with a group of budding photographers. I also had the chance to create many unique images during my trip; this will be put up in due course once I have come to process the pictures.  

August 2019: China

I have spent countless days photographing China; it is a country unlike any other; a photographer’s dream. It’s the kind of place photographers go to create one-of-a-kind images. But travelling through China is much different than in America – or anywhere in the world. This trip, I took onwards solely to China after delivering my workshop in Japan.

May 2019: Dubai

Of all countries have been to which are numerous over the years, Dubai is the one I never get tired of revisiting. I must have been to the UAE. over 25 times in the past, and I know I will be revisiting many more times in the future. The futuristic city of Dubai is one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been to, thanks to the majestic skyscrapers, beautiful parks, gorgeous flower installations, never-ending highways and insanely beautiful views.

December 2017: USA

It's as if I live in the USA; I am always in the States, it is one of the best places to photograph on the planet  The most beautiful places to photograph in the United States are undoubtedly the outdoors. The American Southwest is home to some of the country's most famous parks and natural areas, which are among the most inspiring destinations to create incredible fine art. America's iconic buildings and monuments are also some of the most popular photographic objects. On the East Coast, New York and Washington, D.C. holds some of the country's most recognizable structures.

September 2017: Thailand

Thailand is rich with visual stimulation. Many people love culture; one of the main things to know is that Thai people are generally very polite. I’ve found if you are also courteous, you will most often get better photographs.   

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