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Limited Edition Art

All prints are museum-grade quality, a paper of archival and museum-quality which is acid-free and contains no groundwood or unbleached pulp. All images meet strict limits on metallic content and are free from optical brighteners which are used to make the sheet paper appear whiter.

Museum-quality photographs use an advanced printing technique known as giclée (pronounced ‘zhee-clay’) printing. Giclée printing can be classified as fine art printing. Pigment inks of up to 12 colours are used to print images and patterns on the fine art medium. Such inks are resistant to fading and can last for over 100 years. Hence, museum-quality posters don’t just look good; they have serious longevity, too. You will get the top quality signed and numbered prints on my website. I offer Paypal transactions and take discounts by phone or email. Volume discounts are offered, choose your image, choose your size and move to check out. If you need any image in a specific format or black and white or chromatic photos, please contact me.