Shipping, Terms and Conditions


I will start processing your orders with 24hrs, the cup products will ship within 24 hrs, and we do take orders of cup for any image within our stock, such orders will take 1-2 wees to arrive once ordered. Limited fine art edition prints may take approximately four to five weeks to produce and another weekfor delivery. Once received yuiou will apprecictae wy it took a bit of time to produce, please be patient the quality you will hold in yuour hand on delivery will be the best quality print currently available anywhere in the world. It wil be a masterpeice.

Shipping for sizes 24×36 inches and smaller will ship by DHL and typically take 5-7 days to reach the destination.

Shipping for sizes 30×45 inches and larger will ship the United Kingdom versio of United Parcel Service (UPS) as they deliver worldwide outside of their London Depot.

International shipping is offered through DHL Global. Some countries add import tariffs that will be paid by the client at the time of receiving the piece. Please contact me for information on shipping charges for orders outside of Europe.

I personally deliver orders within London and surrounding areas such as Kent, Essex, and South-End-On-Sea.

    • OIf you find any damage on yuiour delivery package please photograph it for our reference in case the print is also damaged. We ship all fine art product with insurance to cover for any damage
    • Please open the box carefully making sure not to damage to the print.
    • Handle the art carefully without dropping it. Aluminum prints bend easily and Acrylics may break or cracked if dropped.
    • Inspect the art for any shipping damage. If any damage is found please photograph it for our reference and keep the original packaging to return the print.
    • If the art arrives damaged or does not meet your satisfaction please contact me within seven (7) business days and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent. Our phone number is +44.7931.142.387 or you can contact me.